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missing your scatterbeams?

January 20, 2011

I’ve moved the site from being hosted by to my own hosting.

And, if you have subscribed to a feed for this site, your subscription didn’t follow along with.

After this one, there probably won’t be any more posts from this feed.

Which means, if you are subscribed here, you might be wondering about the radio silence.

I’ve been busy, just not here.

Hop on over to, where you can see what I’ve been doing since you last heard from me.

If you want to.

Which you do, right?

If you are using GoogleReader, you can click the Add a Subscription button, and copy the URL into the open box.  Easy peasy.

(Even easier if you have the “subscribe…” button on your Google Chrome toolbar.  Oh, am I sounding like the converted acolyte?  Oh dear.)

For other feed tools, um, I can’t help you with those.  Just do what you usually do?

I’d love your company at the new home of scatterbeams.  The kettle’s on.

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