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it’s always fashion week somewhere

September 29, 2009

And right now, it’s fashion week where I live. 

Which makes no never mind to me (as my mother would say), because no one would ever see me and say, oh, how fashionable, or so, so, stylish.  I just tend to be too clumsy or awkward, or I have one too many things hanging from my arm or my neck.  (I tend to carry a lot of ‘in case’ stuff, hazards of being a mother, perhaps, or just a packrat.)

Still, I appreciate a well-put-together or creative look, even if I seldom get there myself.

On that note, The Sartorialist, fashion photography from the street, by Scott Schuman.

But not just any street: mostly NYC, Milan, Paris, London.  And usually just a photograph, captioned for the city location, without further explanation.

I get a kick out of the site, even if most of the subjects are impossibly thinyoung, and dammit, how do they stride so gracefully along cobblestones in those shoes, anyway?

But still.

My favourite shots on the site have more character, sometimes because the subject is older, or because something is happening there .  These are also the ones for which he tends to offer a bit of story to accompany the photo.  Such as  this one or this one.

I don’t frequent the cities of choice for The Sartorialist.  And as I mentioned above, I’d be unlikely to catch his eye anyway.  But if I wanted to, I’d certainly refer to this flow chart over at Refinery 29.  No really, go have a look.  It’s funny.

The whole thing kind of makes me wonder.  What makes you feel stylish?  What gives you some fashion mojo?


listening to: Aaron Neville, La Vie Dansante

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  1. catherine permalink
    October 1, 2009 12:38 am

    I like the sartorialist too, and I also like the character pictures.
    Prête à Porter is usually pretty derivative and boring, so seeing people do something interesting with an outfit (even if I would never wear it) is always better. Having ‘style’ and ‘flair’ I think means having the balls/ovaries/chutzpah to carry off something wild or crazy and have enough personality not to be overwhelmed by it… and enough confindence not mind being stared at (even when some of those eyes hate your outfit because it isn’t Prête à Porter!)

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