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June 16, 2009

I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding, with Nia Vardalos and John Corbett.

I thought it was fun and fresh and thoroughly entertaining.  Right down to the aunt who, on learning that John Corbett’s character was a vegetarian, generously offered to cook lamb.  It never occurred to me to question the romance between the leads, but it seems that some people found it unlikely.

Apparently she wasn’t hot enough for him.  ?!?!


Nia Vardalos is in the news again: she has a new movie out, My Life in Ruins, and she has adopted a three-year-old foster child.  But  Hollywood media folks aren’t asking questions about those topics.

She had a blood sugar problem; on her doctor’s orders, she lost 40 pounds.

The press can only ask: how did she do it?

She wrote a great post for Anderson Cooper’s blog.  She addresses the question, but she doesn’t offer a secret pill or a magic bullet.  Losing that weight took her a full year and a lot of work.

Kudos to her for having this conversation with Hollywood.  I especially like how she answers.

No one wants to hear the facts about weight loss. It’s simple. Take that bag of Doritos and throw it as far as you can. Now chase after it. Pick it up, do it again.

Or don’t. You don’t have to lose weight, unless like me, it becomes an issue of health.

Nia Vardalos is beautiful, funny, articulate, thoughtful, creative, and generous.  Just like always.  I think she’ll be a great mom.

(Thank you to Elizabeth at Motherhood is Not for Wimps for shining a light on this.  And to Anderson Cooper for hosting the post.)


listening to: Michael Bublé, Feeling Good


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