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disappointment? really?

February 12, 2009

First, i want to say that this isn’t really a political commentary.  It’s more a testament to the power of words and word choice.


A recent John Stewart skit focused on the final days of George Bush’s administration and W’s final interviews.

Stewart was appalled that W would refer to the errors, mistakes, and disasters of his time in office as “disappointing,” as in,

not having weapons of mass destruction [in Iraq] was a significant disappointment.

John Stewart then had a list of things that would actually be disappointing, such as your DVR not recording your favourite TV show, your pizza being delivered without breadsticks, X-ray specs.

The skit was funny, John Stewart effusive and entertaining as usual.


But a couple of days later, this thought occured to me: wasn’t NOT finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq a RELIEF, rather than a disappointment?


Just saying.


listening to: Eric Clapton, My Father’s Eyes

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