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side of a barn

January 26, 2009

side-of-a-barn-nov08We spent Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with family.  There was a point each afternoon when the light was perfect — slanty and soft — and i was usually stirring or basting or chopping something at the time.  I kept saying i would go outside and take some pictures “after” and by the time “after” arrived, the light was gone.

On our last full day there, i saw the shadows forming on the snow again, and determined that THIS TIME i was going outside.  I didn’t even stop to put on a coat — just a hat and some boots that were sitting by the door.

The outbuildings on the property are full of character and old farm implements.  Everywhere i looked were pictures to be made.  This is one of my favourites — more to come.

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  1. Tom Gausman permalink
    January 30, 2009 1:06 pm

    I pass this spot many times but never think of it as a picture. The history of the antlers dates to the mid 1930’s so they have been hanging there for over 70 years. It was a deer my oldest brother shot when he was a teen-ager.

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